Town Highway 1 – Lincoln, VT

In replacing a deteriorated bridge in Lincoln, Vtermont, over the New Haven River, officials at the Vermont Agency of Transportation needed an economical design that would be quick to build. They designed a total-precast concrete structure built using accelerated bridge construction (ABC) methods to limit the bridge closure to 50 days.

“The project required close coordination between us and the contractor due to the variety of challenges that we faced,” says Joe Carrara, president of J.P. Carrara & Sons Inc., the precaster on the project. “The fact that the project was done using ABC with a tight road-closure period required all parties to be well organized and coordinated.”

The new bridge, 128 feet long and 28 feet wide, consists of a single span of precast concrete box beams, along with precast concrete abutment walls, wing walls, and approach slabs. The beams were 45 inches deep, 48 inches wide, and 125 feet long, with the heaviest piece weighing 157,000 pounds.

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