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Well-Built, Durable Parking Garage Structures

Precast, prestressed concrete has long been considered the ideal material for parking garage construction. At J P. Carrara & Sons, we specialize in architectural precast concrete construction, and we’re New England’s leading supplier of parking structure components. With our unrivaled knowledge and technical expertise in the design and manufacture of precast parking garages, you can rest assured that we will deliver your project economically and on time.

Since our precast division was formed in 1970, we’ve worked on dozens of precast parking projects. Over the years, we’ve refined our processes and techniques and developed best practices to ensure that our customers receive the most efficient service possible. Our knowledge of precast, prestressed concrete enables us to efficiently plan every project, keeping disruption and delays to a minimum. Our fast, reliable service means that your overall project costs are kept low and parking occupancy is maximized.

Parking Garage Construction Specialists

At J P. Carrara & Sons, we’ve been delivering concrete construction for over 70 years. During that time, we’ve been involved in many major parking garage projects, including:

The low maintenance and durability of precast concrete makes it the ideal material for building parking structures that last for years. The versatile nature of precast also lends itself well to the aesthetic design of garage parking, resulting in highly-functional, attractive structures.

A Fully-Trained, Highly-Experienced Team

We pride ourselves on our positive client relationships and professional approach. All our team members are fully-trained and highly experienced, enabling us to complete projects quickly and effectively. Once we take on a project, we fully commit. We ensure that the whole process is properly planned out, taking into consideration all relevant safety requirements as well as our client’s schedule and deadlines. We understand that the quicker your parking project is completed; the sooner road users and communities can benefit from the new facilities.

With our roots in architectural precast concrete, we bring valuable perspective to your construction projects. To discuss your parking garage needs, or to find out more about our precast concrete services…

Saranac, NY Parking Garage Project

Saranac, NY Parking Garage Project

Cloverleaf Parking Garage

Cloverleaf Parking Garage

  • Saranac, NY Parking Garage Project
  • Cloverleaf Parking Garage


Ready Mixed Concrete Is Available From Our Locations In Middlebury Vermont; Clarendon Vermont And Crown Point New York