Route 10 Northampton Street Bridge Over Manhan River

Easthampton, MA

Route 10 Bridge over Manhan River uses first Deck Bulb Tee, Easthampton, MA
Drivers in Easthampton, Massachusetts, were braced for as many as two construction seasons without the Northampton Street Bridge over the Manhan River, requiring a detour around a 1.5-mile stretch of businesses along the road. They were happy to find that the bridge’s design, which included custom-sized precast concrete New England Deck Bulb Tee beams for the superstructure, would allow for the project’s completion in six months; in fact, it was finished in less than five months.

The design resulted from the philosophy encouraged by the Massachusetts Department of Transportation’s Accelerated Bridge Program (ABP). The $3-billion initiative encourages innovative and accelerated development and construction techniques, such as the use of precast concrete elements that, in this case, resulted in shortened construction duration. Through 2012, ABP replaced 121 bridges with 56 more planned, according to local reports.

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Projects details

  • PrecasterJ.P. Carrara & Sons, Inc., Middlebury, VT

  • OwnerMassachusetts Department of Transportation, Boston

  • EngineerDiversified Technology Consultants Inc., Andover, MA

  • ContractorNorthern Construction LLC, Weymouth, MA


  • Eight (8) 1220NEBT deck girders 5 feet wide, 95 feet long, 8-inch-thick and 8-foot-wide top flange

  • Girder weight – 110,000 pounds

  • 8,000 psi concrete

  • Strain-gauge instrumentation cast into girders

  • UHPC (21,000 psi) used in flange joints

  • Camber control implemented to limit differential cambers between girders to 1/2-inch total

  • Total Length: Single-span 95-foot bridge

  • Timeline: Precast 1220NEBT deck girders delivery expected to be in mid April 2013

  • RTE 10 Northampton Bridge PDF (223.6 KB)

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