North Haven Beach Bridge (Second Bridge)

North Haven County, ME

Lightweight NEXT Beams Create Island Bridge
Residents of North Haven, Maine, had their voices heard when they expressed concern about the severe deterioration of the steel bridge that served as a major access and gathering point for the island’s activities. The resulting new Beach Bridge features the first use of lightweight New England Extreme Tees (NEXT) that offered an economical design that was quick to erect.

After the Maine Department of Transportation lowered load weight limits in both 2007 and 2008, it became apparent that the bridge had to be replaced. “The steel beams had outlived their useful life,” says Steve Durrell, project manager at Prock Marine, the local firm that served as general contractor. “The beams looked like Swiss cheese.”

Lightweight NEXT Beams Offer Best Solution
Design firm T.Y. Lin and town selectmen agreed that the NEXT beams offered the best solution. The bridge serves as an access road for a number of residences as well as being used as a wharf by local fishermen to load and unload catches during fishing season. It also offers a popular swimming site in summer.

“We chose the lightweight NEXT beams for several reasons,” says Josh Olund, bridge engineer at T.Y. Lin. “Being on an island, the bridge would have been financially prohibitive to build by barging over cast-in-place concrete. And the NEXT beams provided both prefabrication and a deck to reduce materials and time.”

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Projects details

  • PrecasterJ.P. Carrara & Sons, Inc., Middlebury, VT

  • OwnerState of Maine, Cumberland County

  • EngineerT.Y. Lin International, Falmouth, ME

  • ContractorProck Marine Company, Rockland, ME


  • Structural Precast Elements: 4 lightweight NEXT precast concrete bridge beams

  • Lengths: 56' 5" and 39' 5

  • Width: 8' 4" (each lightweight NEXT precast concrete bridge beam)

  • Depth: 2' 4-1/2" (each lightweight NEXT precast concrete bridge beam)

  • Total Cost: $2 million (est.)

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