Bentley University Multipurpose Arena

Watham, MA

Project Overview

Speed of construction, the ability to provide open interior spaces, and highly sustainable attributes were the main reasons precast concrete components – riser bleachers, steps and wall units – were selected for this state-of-the-art new arena.

Precast Aids Schedule
“Part of the reason we went with precast,” says Maria McMorran, Associate with ARC/Architectural Resources Cambridge, “was to help us maintain schedule. It was a very quick schedule. They wanted to be able to use the building for a hockey game this season. Given that we were finishing the design and drawings in 2016, that was really tight – starting to work in the winter and finishing the next winter.”

Precast erection took five weeks of erecting plus two additional weeks for detailing.

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Projects details

  • PrecasterJ.P. Carrara and Sons Inc., Middlebury, VT

  • OwnerBentley University, Watham, MA

  • ArchitectArchitectural Resources Cambridge, Boston, MA

  • EngineerMcNamara/Salvia, Inc., Boston, MA

  • ContractorSuffolk Construction Company, Boston, MA

  • Precast ErectorPinnacle Precast & Steel Erectors, Inc., Manchester. NH


  • Sq. Footage: 76,000

  • Levels / Floors: 2

  • 127 pieces single riser bleachers | 17.5” riser | 3.25’ tread | 6” hammer head stems | max span length 38.8’.

  • 61 pieces double riser steps | 12” deep x 1.83’ wide | 4’ long.

  • 56 pieces triple riser steps | 18” deep x 2.83’ wide | 4’ long.

  • 23 pieces wall panels | 4” thick | 21.7’ long max.

  • 1 foundation closure wall segment (for crane access) 24” thick x 2.75’ wide x 20.17’ long.